Tim Chilvers – Faculty Lead


After 25 years as a corporate leader Tim realised that his greatest passion is the realising the potential in others. He has always led with this in mind and made the full-time transition to his career in coaching and development in 2014. He is now entirely devoted to using his experience, skills and values to provoke the type of shifts necessary to bring potential to life.

Tim’s favourite coaching engagements explore one or more of the following areas;

  • Identity: That authentic process of self discovery that explores questions such as;
    • Who am I?
    • How did I get to this point in my life?
    • Why do I believe and value what I do?
    • What’s it time for now?
  • Presence: How to establish and leverage personal impact – through communication and connection.
  • Leadership: Our shared responsibility to bring others with us.

Tim’s married to the fabulous Jackie. Together they enjoy involvement in community issues and spending time with their 3 terrific kids (Jess, Frankie and George) and their chocolate-brown spoodle (Jazzy).

Committed to his own development, Tim has a Bachelor degree in Accounting and Economics, a Diploma and Masters degree in Applied Finance and is currently studying for a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Tim’s all about values, our community (you) and ensuring we take you on a journey that provides pathways to world-class providers and experiences – through education, transformation and certification.

Erica Bagshaw – Senior Faculty Member


Erica brings more than 30 years of business experience to her challenging and
dynamic Executive Coaching and Training work. She works with senior executives focussing on building cognitive agility, leadership capability, professional presence, communication and resilience. She is sought after to support senior executives facing into abnormally challenging times as well as preparing talented women to step into senior leadership roles.

Described by her clients as “firmly based around the principles of honesty, integrity and a genuine desire to assist” and “a wonderful coach and wonderful person” Erica coaches at the CEO, EGM and General Manager levels in large organisations and SME’s focussing predominantly on adaptive leadership, resilience, communication and executive presence.

A deep believer in a persons’ values being a major driver of their success, Erica ensures a wholistic approach is brought to the coaching. She focuses on delivering sustained growth predicated on observable change in behaviour and/or results.

Complimenting an impressive portfolio of work Erica also completed The Art and Practice of Leadership at Harvard Business School and has a Graduate Certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Colin James – Senior Faculty Member


For over    25 years, Colin has worked as a corporate Speaker, Educator and Facilitator. In 2008 he was awarded the prestigious ‘Australian Educator of the Year’ award for outstanding contribution to the field of learning and development.

From a young age, Colin’s dream was to be a teacher and he realised that to be an effective and engaging teacher he needed to achieve one key skill and that was to master the art of communication. To this he has maintained an ongoing dedication to understanding what constitutes excellent communication.

He is recognised and respected as the Trainers Trainer having trained and coached many of Australia’s leading Educators and Speakers.

Colin’s approach is distinguished by the intellectual depth he brings to each engagement underscored by his extensive experience in multiple industries, organisations and geographies.

When he is not working or travelling he spends his time painting, writing a novel (too many years now) and learning to ride his 150cc scooter.

Colin studied law in South Africa, and certified in the Adaptive Leadership Program at Harvard Business School.

Anita Villanti-Jennings – Student Mentor, Coach, People Development

Anita’s 20+ years of experience in HR has included many years in agency and in-house recruitment. She managed the recruitment function for Pacific Brands whilst worked on various Organisational Design projects.

Anita biggest passion throughout her career has been managing and coaching people – and her biggest achievement has been seeing those in her team and around her find gratification in personal development of any nature – even the smallest shift. For Anita – the difference between a good day and a great day for her she would say it was all about how she has touched someone’s life and made a difference.

Anita is one of 6 kids (the only girl..) married to a fabulous hubby Mick, has a son (who she describes as her best achievement) and a fury first born labradoodle called Hershey. She loves spending time with her enormous extended family and friends.

Anita has completed various certifications in Human Resources and Recruitment and has certified in the Lighthouse Leader as Coach Program.

Paul Mischel – 
Student Mentor, Senior Consultant, Facilitator and Executive Coach

paul-mischelPaul’s approach to coaching and facilitation is a unique synthesis of his 25 years of experience in the realms of Leadership, Sales, Natural Health, NLP, Hypnosis and Martial Arts. This eclectic and diverse background underpins Paul’s multi-disciplinary approach and systemic thinking when working with individuals and teams.

Paul possesses a solution-oriented approach to leadership and coaching. He comes from a position of unconditional positive regard towards his clients and seeks to assist them in discovering their latent talents and resources.
Paul’s philosophy is simple and can be summed up as follows:

“It is not enough simply to know what it is that needs to change or how it needs to change. In order to make change of any kind a reality, we must take decisive, congruent action and embody the change we wish to initiate and sustain.”

As a result of his philosophy, Paul’s coaching and facilitation is pragmatic, energetic and playful.

Paul is married to the dynamic Dana. Together they have three beautiful children. When Paul isn’t facilitating, coaching and studying; he loves to travel to warm sunny places preferably with sandy beaches to enjoy great food, fine wine and unique experiences.

Paul’s curiosity and thirst for learning and personal development has driven him to study and learn from numerous exemplars in many different fields such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Coaching, Facilitation, Martial Arts and Natural Health.

Esther Gretton – Student Mentor, Professional Trainer, Executive Coach and Lecturer


Esther has more than ten years of business development, marketing, project management, event management, coaching and wellbeing experience in Australia, and internationally in the UK, Europe, and Scandinavia making her an exceptionally well-rounded individual!

She is inspired by the intersection where passion meets skills, creativity and innovation and in turn enables the development of systems and strategies that benefit people and the planet.

Esther thrives on combining her holistic approach to life and business with dedication and commitment and holds true to her values of working ethically, honorably and effectively whilst nurture positive and productive relationships with her future clients. In fact, she is highly recommended by her clients for “her outstanding service, excellent relationship skills, first class communication and professionalism”.

Esther has worked for and partnered with entrepreneurial companies, Blue Chip organisations, SME’s and the public sector.

Esther enjoys spending time with her partner Quentin and friends and family. Spare time is usually spent camping in the outdoors, eating delicious food and keeping up with exercise to counter the effects!

Committed to her studies, Esther possesses a Bachelor of Business, a Masters Degree in Wellness and Certified in Executive Coaching. Esther is also a lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Macleay and Collarts Colleges in Melbourne

Esther is also a Director of the wellbeing organization – Thrive Well – and a Yoga and Meditation teacher.

Janet Tucker – Student Mentor, Organisational Coach and Facilitator 

janet-tuckerJanet is an experienced coach of individuals within organisations. She has worked with professionals across Australia, as well as facilitated hundreds of people to reach for their potential through talent and leadership development programs. Her coaching style has been described as passionate, moving and transformative.

Janet’s approach combines curiosity about an individual’s strengths, building authentic and mutually beneficial relationships, and the ability to quickly see patterns and alternative strategies.

On a daily basis, Janet works with emerging and middle managers as well as professionals of Tier 1 and Tier 2 organisations across a range of industries including professional services, banking and finance, government, retail, information technology and telecommunications.

Janet lives on the Victorian Surf Coast, where she enjoys surfing, sailing, yoga and community activities, like supporting local growers at Farmers Markets and Ultimate Frisbee games. She also enjoys walking her Australian Kelpie ‘Alba’ on the beach.
Passionate about her development, Janet holds a Bachelor of Psychology, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and is a trained Coach (Institute of Executive Coaching).