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How Do I Become A Certified Life Coach?

The Australian Institute of Coaching will provide you with qualifications in Life Coaching that meet the highest standards, and are designed to suit your personal goals, experience and budget. Our courses are fully flexible allowing you to receive your qualifications without having to give up your day job.

Certificate In Life Coaching:

The ‘Certificate In Life Coaching’ is designed to provide you with the opportunity to build a solid career or business as a Life Coach. The subjects have been carefully chosen to provide a deeper level of understanding of human behaviour in addition to the key principles of coaching. The certificate is the entry-level qualification for people who know that they want to enter a part-time or full-time career or business in Life Coaching.

Subject Information – Online Units of Competency:

PC01A – Utilise relevant psychological based models in understanding human behaviour.

Psychology is the study of human behaviour. This course will develop your ability to analyse aspects of a person’s psychological state and apply derived knowledge to motivate that person. This provides a solid introduction/foundation for further studies of psychology covering the nature and scope of psychology, neurological and environmental effects on behaviour, personality, consciousness, perception, needs, drives and motivation. This unit gives you an interesting and informative start to the exciting field of psychology. This unit is perfect for students who want to gain a strong foundation in psychology and understanding people and provides an outline of the most common models used in coaching.

PC02A – Apply an understanding of motivational psychology with coaching clients.

Motivated people work better, live more satisfied lives and are generally healthier and happier. Motivated employees drive the success of a business. Learn how to get the best of employees by understanding more about this fascinating subject. Motivation is simply a process or mechanism that causes us to act or think in a certain way. It is a general term for any part of the hypothetical psychological process that involves experiencing needs and drives, and the behaviour that leads to the goal that satisfies them. In this unit you will be able to identify a range of situations where motivational skills can be applied, and determine an appropriate way to initiate and maintain motivation in each of those situations.

PC03A – Understanding the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Understanding the principles of NLP is essential for any life coach. As a life coach, you will be working with a wide range of unique clients, all of whom will need to be coached differently to gain effective results. Learning how to communicate with your clients effectively is the key to success, and at the end of this unit, you will be able to select the appropriate coaching style for your client’s needs.

PC04A – Operate within accepted coaching practices, styles and legal and ethical responsibilities.

On completion of this unit, you will be able to apply the knowledge and skills to use coaching practices and styles necessary to operate in accordance with the legal and ethical responsibility of a coach and accepted coaching practices. Personnel undertaking this unit would be coaching clients in a performance based environment such as Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching or Workplace Coaching.

PC05A – Prepare and undertake an initial Life Coaching session with a client.

This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to plan a coaching strategy within the Life Coaching context. At the completion of the initial session, the Life Coach has a more detailed understanding of the client’s goals, barriers and level of commitment. The Life Plan is an important starting point and allows the shorter term goals to be set in the context of the longer term vision. The Life Coaching program also sets out the level of contact, support and other resources or people that will ensure that the client is successful. The Life Coaching Program is designed to have your client live a life of purpose. The Life Plan won’t insulate the client from life’s many adversities and unexpected twists and turns, but it provides the broader framework so that these set-backs can be kept in context.

PC06A – Design, plan and deliver Life Coaching sessions.

Delivering regular Life Coaching sessions can be conducted in a range of methods including face to face, telephone, video calls and email. In this unit you will learn the different methods of communication used by Life Coaches and ways to keep your client clear, focused and in action. Many clients will experience challenges as they move towards their personal goals and it is important for the coach to identify these processes and provide what is necessary for the client to continue their progress.

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