AIC Overview

Who we are ….

AIC is an institution devoted to the education, transformation and certification of existing and aspiring coaches. AIC is run by passionate people – all experienced practitioners in the fields of coaching, training and development.

Our learning content, our activities and the way we support and maintain the AIC Community of coaches is all based on our practical experience after years of operating in the field.

What we do….

We are committed to supporting the coaching community, raising the standards of the Industry and improving the experience for those receiving coaching from our alumni. To us at AIC, that means;

Causing people to be their best.

• Providing online and live communities built around cooperation, collaboration and support.

• Offering a broad curriculum of content bound together by the practice of coaching.

• Operating adjacently to existing education and development businesses – offering pathways and referral to world-class providers and experiences.

Efficiently creating scale, without compromising quality or participant experience.

• Proving participants with;

     1) Education,

     2) Transformation, and

     3) Certification.

What we stand for…. 

Provoking “Stretch” through Service & Leadership.

• Creating a Community focussed on Growth, Inclusion and Connection.

• Doing the Right Thing.

• Supporting our Words and Intentions with Consistent Actions.

• Being Daring and Courageous in our Pursuit of Excellence.

• Commitment to Professionalism and Quality.

How we do it….

We provide Education, Transformation and Certification through online and traditional programs, learning experiences and supporting a coaching community.