Student Testimonials

Binh Doan — Life Coaching Student: “A year ago, I had a choice, to either stand back or stand out. I chose to stand out and shine! Going from chopping a wooden board as an exercise to break through my fears, to becoming a professional Life Coach who helps people conquer their fear of public speaking! The AIC team has supported me all the way to achieve my goal, and for that I am forever thankful. This year, I have grown so much as an individual. Using what I’ve learnt in this course with my clients has made a tremendously powerful and positive impact on their lives! I am so proud to be an AIC graduate and part of this coaching community. I definitely recommend AIC to anyone who wants to be a Life Coach!”

Aaryn Longmore — Life Coaching Student: “The team at the AIC are the best in the game at assisting coaches to be the best coach they can be. They have assisted me in taking my coaching from ground roots to making over $15,000 per month, to now owning my own educational company. Their services are first class and their designed for results. Their profound love for what they do so greatly and ability to share it with their coaches is out of this word. So genuine and passionate about your success. If your searching to become a coach or feel like taking your coaching not only to the next level, but many beyond that, AIC is the place for you. Do not hesitate on taking action now and be your dreams.”

Janice Kuz — Life Coaching Student: “Wow. I can not say that enough. Honestly, what an amazing institute filled with great people & awesome vibes. Just spent the weekend on an AIC event run by the one and only, the legend himself Jack Murray. A weekend built to stretch and grow to a level of crazy awareness. It was just PERFECT. Impossible to forget. So much love ♥”

Christine Sainsbury – Life Coaching Student: “I’m honoured to be learning from the best coaches I’ve ever met you are amazing, thank you.” 

Ash Sargent — Life Coaching Student: “After attending a life coaching intensive last weekend i can honestly say i have become a better person. they tools i picked up will not only help in my coaching but in my life as well a big thanks to the guys at AIC you guys rock.”
Luke Graham —  Life Coaching Student: “Amazing group to work with who stretch and inspire coaches to be the absolute best they can. What a weekend in Sydney at the Coaching Intensive Weekend. I am now a coach with better skills to serve my clients at a higher level than I thought possible.”

Kaleb Ufton  —  Life Coaching Student: “The team and other people who are on the journey here are just amazing! I have been touched and am humbled by the compassion and honesty of the people here.  You are fantastic, I am so grateful that i was refereed to you. I will be paying it forward to say the least!”

Tomik Torosian — Life Coaching Student: “The AIC Community is amazing! I know I am truly surrounded by great Coaches who are there for me every step of the way, the team have stretched me so far and have taught me the tools to become great. I am truly grateful.”

Mark Flores — Life Coaching Student: “The support that I receive from the AIC community is incredible. I truly believe they will help me achieve my true potential and purpose.”

Daniel D. Smith — Life Coaching Student: “If I could take away just one aspect of being with AIC then that would be CLARITY.  They have given me a clear path for my future and the best part is, if you have enough drive, enough passion and belief then you to can become a coach in your field.”

Allen Willis — Life Coaching Student: “The AIC has changed my life I have been stretched and inspired to overcome the negative beliefs I had about myself and what I can achieve.”

Jared Asher — Life Coaching Student: “The AIC team are the most supportive, enthusiastic and honourable community of inspiring individuals I have ever met. They are 110% commuted to the success of others. If you’re looking for a deep, desirable quest for personal fulfilment, the AIC is the only way. A journey to self-discovery unlike any other!”

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