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Introduction To Life Coaching... 

Life can be challenging. Achieving goals, or simply creating them, can sometimes feel beyond our reach. The good news is that no one has to go it alone! Life coaches provide the guidance that drives others to achieve their goals by utilising their own potential and success.

Whether clients need gentle persuasion, regular encouragement or just a little bit of tough love, the skills you gain as a Life Coach allow you to meet those needs and become the catalyst for accomplishment.

How would it feel to help someone achieve the dream job that they thought was unreachable? Picture the satisfaction in guiding a stressed parent into a place where they found a balance in their life and were truly happy. What if you could help someone achieve their goal of losing 50 kilos, improving their health and self-image?

Anything is possible, and as a Life Coach you can bring that realisation to those who truly need it. This guide has been designed to demonstrate how you can achieve your own goals through a rewarding career in life coaching.

What is Life Coaching all about?

Life coaching, at its simplest, is helping others achieve success through guidance, goal-setting and discipline. The approach is similar to that of a coach who is developing an athlete to achieve victory in their sport — a Life Coach provides a framework for personal growth and follows that with a disciplined program to pursue and achieve established goals. These personalised programs typically focus on identifying obstacles that are preventing a person’s progression in a desired direction and removing those obstacles through changes in that person’s approach to life.

Life coaching can be applied to any type of situation, such as:

• Pursuing a new career or advancing in the current one

• Growing and maintaining a relationship

• Learning how to be a leader

• Starting a business

• Losing weight and becoming physically fit

• Developing professional or social interaction skills

• Becoming financially disciplined

Life coaching provides people with a core of self-sufficiency and a positive outlook that they can carry with them the rest of their lives. In fact, a significant amount of Life Coaches are previous recipients of life coaching. The life coaching profession allows them the opportunity to provide others with the same tools and support that drove their own success.

What exactly do Life Coaches do?

One of the primary roles of a Life Coach is to act as a guide for an individual who is struggling with organisation of their life or is confused about how to create a path towards their goals.

However, life coaching is more than that. The process of coaching, by definition, involves providing guidance and support while working towards a specific result. The coach is there to develop measurable goals that relate to a desired outcome and to assist the individual in staying focused throughout the journey there.

A Life Coach succeeds by helping a person bolster their own inner strength and turning that into motivation and drive. Think of it as a smouldering fire inside those who look to Life Coaches for help. The coach assists in breaking through the mental and emotional blockages that keep the fire from burning brightly. The power to succeed is inside everyone, and coaching is focused on helping others find this internal fire and learning how to keep it lit for a lifetime.

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Coaching Student Testimonials

There have been a number of break-throughs that just keep coming in waves. At work, I am applying the strategies that were taught/discussed last weekend with my paediatric clients, and they respond at a much deeper level than I’ve ever experienced before!"
Binh DoanLife Coaching Student

I can’t recommend the Australian Institute of Coaching highly recommend enough. If you want to get to the heart of yourself, you need to know how first to effectively coach yourself then lead others through your own Mastery.“

Renee Fuller
Life Coaching Student

AIC Has really guided me to a whole new level, and I am deeply grateful for this. To be able to instantly build rapport with others that I don’t even know, this is truly gratifying, and I have AIC to thank for it. Thanks!"

Jared Asher
Life Coaching Student