How to Become a Life Coach

Life coaching is quickly becoming a very popular vocation for people all over the world. However, as a practicing life coach, the best piece of advice that I can give is that this is not a good career choice for those that are simply looking for a big paycheck. There is certainly a monetary reward, but the ability to help people make their lives better has been far more rewarding for me.

When life coaching first started, there were no clear cut criteria for becoming a coach. There are still not any strict regulations on the practice. However, now that the business has become more popular, the competition has made the requirements more stringent. Technically, having a high school diploma is enough to call yourself a life coach. However, you will be competing with those who have college degrees. While life coaching is not a major in traditional universities, many people will have a formal education in psychology.

The next step in becoming a life coach is taking classes through an Registered Training Organisation. Make sure that the organisation that you choose for training is associated with one of these associations or you will be wasting both your time and money.

Above all, you must have a passion and willingness to help people lead better and more fulfilling lives. I learned that a life coach has to be a good listener and more often than not, a clear voice of reason. I have to be able to connect with clientele that may be in varying states of crisis and I have to be able to think quickly on my feet while maintaining a level head.

Life coaching is an ever evolving arena. There are many different seminars and meetings that I attend to remain viable in the business. I have found that having a constant willingness to learn has been instrumental in the life coaching business.

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